About The Artist

Abstract artist Anu Vantipalli believes that intuition and environment guide her to create original, free-flowing pieces that caption a fleeting flicker of time. She is a self-taught artist with a unique style that doesn’t involve a paintbrush.
Eliminating the paintbrush from her work required breaking down barriers, and truly connecting with the art piece at a deeper level. Her hands and other unconventional tools such as chopsticks, sticks, knives or anything she could lay her hands on becomes means to transfer paint to canvas.

Anu’s mission is to transfer emotions, thoughts and feelings to her paintings. Her spontaneous way of creating pieces gives her pure joy when she handcrafts her paintings using only her hands and other unconventional tools. She challenges her creativity to encourage individuality through her own art.
“The magic is in the process. This is the journey I take to delve deep within my soul and imagination. I let my senses and environment guide me. I become a vessel between my intuition and my hands as they create artful pieces”
All of the art works on this site are available for purchase
unless otherwise noted.
Please send your queries to info@artbyanu.com 
or by calling 917.971.9530


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