My work is about a moment in time. Unplanned and free-flowing the ultimate direction is unknown.  Each painting is a spontaneous gesture in response to my surrounding environment and current state of mind. 

I engage in a brushless process in which my hands and alternative tools directly transfer paint to canvas, allowing my senses to guide me in creating a permanent record of a fleeting moment. That moment is translated through a nonrepresentational idiosyncratic arrangement of color.    

My choice to eliminate the paint brush pushes me to transform a plethora of objects I keep in my studio.  Intuition guides my process and un-conventional tools such as, sticks, knives and my hands become my means for transferring paint to canvas.

The abstract nature of each painting allows onlookers to follow their instincts, freely interpreting each piece in connection with the emotions elicited.

All of the art works on this site are available for purchase unless otherwise noted.

Please send your queries to or by calling 917.971.9530


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